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What we need to think about in terms of the responsible use of AI?

AI has incredible potential to help humanity with all sorts of problems including climate change, getting off the planet, cancer treatment, personalized medicine, agriculture, forest fires, etc. AI also allows us to make billions of decisions in nanoseconds. AI is being applied to the knowledge economy in every Industry including finance, imaging, entertainment, etc.

AI also has the potential to end humanity if it is left unbridled. Countries all over the world are quickly trying to implement safety standards to minimize the hazards to humanity. Criminals are already using AI for malware, fraud, identity theft, and every other criminal activity you can think of. Canada is implementing Bill C 27 to bring the abuse of AI into the criminal code. The challenge will continue to be that AI can re-write AI. How do you stop AI in that situation? My new company Alstari will focus on AI and security. A key focus will be on advising organizations including corporations and governments on the safe use of AI.


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