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Sue is Co-Founder/CEO of three start-ups in AI, her latest, Alstari, is focused on expert services in artificial intelligence and security. Sue was also the Co-Founder/CEO of Amika Mobile, focussed on public safety and security and was acquired by Genasys Oct 2020 where she transitioned it as VP. Sue is a rare woman technology CEO who has a reputation for excellence and innovation. 

Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima

Co-Founder /CEO Alstari Corporation

Ken is a Co-Founder and CTO of Alstari Corporation. He was previously a Co-Founder and CTO of Amika Mobile Corporation, leading the development and deployment of enterprise and cloud products that leveraged AI architectures for emergency management and alerting automation. He managed the transition of that technology team to Genasys, Inc. as VP Technology.

Ken Grigg

Co-Founder /CTO Alstari Corporation

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