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About Alstari

Ken is a Co-Founder and CTO of Alstari Corporation. He was previously a Co-Founder and CTO of Amika Mobile Corporation, leading the development and deployment of enterprise and cloud products that leveraged AI architectures for emergency management and alerting automation. He managed the transition of that technology team to Genasys, Inc. as VP Technology. Prior to Amika Mobile, Ken was CTO of AmikaNow! Corporation where he led the development and deployment of AI enterprise products for content analysis and control, and transitioned that team to Entrust, Inc. as Director R&D. Prior to the Amika story, Ken led software teams at Mitel Corp (VoIP), Precise Software Technologies (real-time data protocols), Calian (satellite ground stations), and Bell-Northern Research (communication solutions).


Throughout his career, Ken has excelled at customer and partner communications for purposes of requirements clarification, customer and channel education, technical support, and sales. In addition to team leadership, his roles in the two Amika startups included executive CEO support for company setup and operations, corporate governance, market analysis and strategy, IP protection, technology licensing negotiations, and preparation of government R&D tax incentive reports.


Ken has a B.Sc. (Computer Science) from the University of British Columbia as well as an M.Eng. (Electrical) that focused on leveraging parallel computing for robotic control systems. He is a co-inventor of 27 international patents in the areas of AI, network services, and emergency alerting.


Ken is currently an avid student of ham radio, prehistory, genealogy, and quantum gravity.

Ken Grigg

Co-Founder /CTO Alstari Corporation

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