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Alstari Corporation Launched to Focus on AI and Security

Canada November 15, 2023 – Alstari Corporation has been launched to address the need for safe and secure Artificial Intelligence (AI) deployment. The vision of the company will be to save lives focussing on the required and upcoming regulatory compliance of introducing AI. Alstari’s goal will be to help organizations become compliant with new regulations targeting the safe use of AI. The solutions Alstari will provide are based on decades of expertise in safely delivering advanced AI products and services to the market by its teams. Alstari can ensure that products and services in organizations are reviewed for strict upcoming AI regulatory compliance.


“We are excited to be launching this startup to address a major gap in the deployment of AI software in all aspects of life to ensure safety and security”, said Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, Co-Founder CEO of Alstari Corporation.


According to Statista, the market size of AI products and services will grow from $100 Billion in 2023 to $2 Trillion in 2030. AI is already widely used in the enterprise in finance, government, healthcare, entertainment, law, supply chains, and analytics and in consumer markets with chatbots, imaging and mobile at exponential rates. For further information on the Statista report, refer to:


About Alstari Corporation –

Alstari Corporation is a private corporation launched to focus on AI safety and security. The goal of the company will be to initially advise and deliver services for regulatory compliance with AI safety requirements globally. The company is co-founded by Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima as Co-Founder CEO and Ken Grigg as Co-Founder CTO. Both had co-founded Amika Mobile which exited to Genasys in 2020 in critical and emergency communication to save lives. Both had also exited together as Founder CEO and CTO/CIO of AmikaNow! Corporation which focused on automatic content analysis for regulatory compliance to Entrust in 2004.

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