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Alstari CEO Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima Wins Legends Award and Releases Book on Lessons Learned as a serial AI Entrepreneur


by Dr Sue Abu-Hakim


Alstari Corporation CEO awarded a Legends award by the Universal Women’s Network at their Women of Inspiration Awards gala in Toronto on April 4. Alstari’s CEO has also released her book “Entrepreneur: Heretic or Hero of Innovation” which is a lessons learned book from her, and her team’s two successful AI exits for tech entrepreneurs. The book is available as of this week on Amazon Marketplace

“I am grateful to the Universal Women’s Network for the Legends Award for Women of Inspiration. I will continue to be a champion for STEM and an activist for women in tech and small business. As a serial entrepreneur in AI for 20 years, I am also very excited about the release of my book which is essentially a lessons learned book for startup entrepreneurs in tech. I would have wished I had known these lessons before I started”, said Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima, Co-Founder CEO of Alstari Corporation.

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